—  OUR story  —

—  OUR NAME  —


                      Marilyn Schlossbach, of the Marilyn Schlossbach Group, spent some of her high school years at the local Ranney School. There she met these unique “characters”: Russell and Betty Ranney. Russell and Betty came from a place that was timeless and precarious for the current moment at hand, the 1980’s. Russell was always dressed to the nines with a four piece suit, handlebar mustache, goatee and a pipe. Betty was a classic woman, echoed of Grace Kelly and CoCo Channel. They maneuvered around the school in a way that was endearing, they took a liking to Marilyn. Marilyn immersed herself in all the couple offered- which included a passion for reading and adventure, dancing the Charleston in gym class and other artistic eccentricities.

                      Fast forward a couple decades and Marilyn was contacted by Robert Laub, an alumni of the school and former classmate. They have been contact for years and when Rob's favorite bistro closed in Fair Haven he called Marilyn with the idea to create an unique neighborhood bistro and wished to embark on another unique journey with Marilyn. In addition to Marilyn and Robert, this venture is under the direction of Marilyn's brother veteran restaurateur Richard S Bach and has been renovated with the artistic vision of Marilyn's husband Scott Szegeski. 

—  RUSSELL & Bette's —

                      Centrally located at 21 W River Road in Rumson, New Jersey, the location is the perfect fit as an homage to the days of Russell and Betty “Bette” Ranney. This winsome homage includes dishes with a French-American flare and farm-to-table inspirations. Our fresh food is locally sourced with the help of some of our farming partners: Merrick Farm, Seven Arrows Farm, Kula Urban Farm, and Painted Hills Ranch.

—  words from the wise —

From June 17 - *****
This is a new-owner to an old favorite. It was a neighborhood institution, " What's Your Beef" where you went to a window and indicated how large you wanted your steak. Gone in the name of progress. The new menu is eclectic American and very good. We 6 dined on a Thursday night. All of us had past history with the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised by the new menu and the renovations. 

From May 29 - ****
Went for Sunday brunch. Food was excellent - had grapefruit brulee, quinoa salad and a mushroom/thyme/goat cheese omelette. Drinks were also very good (harvest martini and a sauvignon blanc). Prices were reasonable for the quality of food and drink. Service was very good and the ambiance was lovely. My dining companions also enjoyed their meals and drinks. Would definitely recommend and will definitely return perhaps next time for dinner.


The Marilyn Schlossbach Group presently consists of Labrador Lounge in Normandy Beach, Langosta Lounge and Pop's Garage Mexican Kitchen in Asbury Park, Pop's Garage in the Grove West in Shrewsbury and Marilyn Schlossbach Catering and Events our off premise catering company. We also have our surf shop Lightly Salted on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

Over the years the MSG and Richard S Bach have operated other venues at the shore and in Manhattan. Marion's Continental Restaurant & Lounge and Marion's a Go-Go Catering on the Bowery, M&R Bar-Dining Room in Nolita, OSHIN Restaurant in Avon by the Sea, Rosalie's Kitchen in Bay Head, and Dauphin Grille and Trinity & the Pope in Asbury Park.


—  OUR community—

our Mission

"Our company is a creative and enlightening force in hospitality and service. We put our employees first, who in turn provide extraordinary concepts, products and services, which delight and enrich our customers and bring growth to our company and community."

A very important part of our mission is our work and connection with many community, environmental and socially responsible organizations. The list is huge and most of the special events in our venues are in benefit of these groups.

—  OUR Values—

1) We fill our financial cup so it runs over to ourselves, our community and the world.
 2) We own our choices and learn from them.
 3) We have fun and our heightened happiness is contagious
 4) We are original, creative, and adventurous.
 5) We use effective systems consistently.
 6) We shift gears with the rhythms of our ocean.
 7) We have an exceptional work ethic and high integrity.
 8) We are optimistic, self-aware, kind, playful, nurturing and knowledgeable.
 9) We work as a team with authentic and continuing communication.
 10) We are engaged in enhancing our community, environment, craft and the quality of our product.
 11) We provide the “Yes, we can” experience.
 12) We do more with less to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.